When you come to Singapore for study or traineeship, you will need a place to stay. Global One+ provides various clean, comfortable and friendly accommodation available for your preferences:

1. Staying in Student hostels
2. Sharing a room with fellow intern students
3. Renting a whole room in an apartment

Each room includes bed, wardrobe and desk and they are equipped with air conditioning and toilet with shower. Global One+ ensures that most needs of the tenants are taken care of. Surveillance cameras are installed in most common areas. The place is furnished with WiFi access, cooking facility, common fridge, comonwashing machines, and designated studying area. There are also common areas to allow interaction.

Prices vary depending on how many people you share the room with, whether the bathroom is shared or private, the location of the hostel and the duration of your stay. Global One+ strives to provide a touch of homely ambience accommodation for our students.